Just an Air Conditioner? No! It's about Air Quality Too! Fall Allergies are on the Way!

Just an Air Conditioner? No! It's about Air Quality Too! Fall Allergies are on the Way!

You might think of your heating and cooling system as just a "box" that can be turned on or off in order to control your temperature.But your system is a lot more than that.It doesn't just control temperature. It has an impact on the air that you breathe, on moisture and mold growth, the amount of energy that you use and money that you spend, and most importantly, on you and your family's health.

If you have someone in your family with respiratory problems, severe allergies or a low immune system, you could benefit from Air Quality investigation. Before fall pollen hits and you are suffering day and night, we could install an electronic air filter, along with commercial grade allergy filters. There are many other solutions we have also for those who suffer from allergies or respiratory illnesses. The investment is well worth the significant improvement you will see in your health. We installed an electonic air filter and the commercial grade allergy filers, along with sealing the furnaces so no dust from the basement or attic could enter the system and one woman improved so much from the installations, she was able to cut down on all trips to the ER for asthma and was even able to go out for short periods of time becaus she could come back in and breath purified and clean air.

Don't ignore your heating and cooling system.Your HVACR system is a great big mechanical system, just like your automobile.You know that you need to keep your car tuned up and get your oil changed regularly.Your comfort system also requires regular maintenance from qualified specialists.

Ignoring your comfort system means it will break down more, need replacement sooner, cost you more money throughout its shortened lifespan, and it might impact your health. Call The Tin Man and we will share with you important information about your indoor heating and cooling system and how to improve your indoor air quality for better health. (908) 797-8815 orwww.tinmanhc.com

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