Room Temperatures

How many of you have a two story home heated using a warm air system? How about an attached garage with a "bonus room" above? Now how many of you have to crank down your downstairs thermostat super low (in the Summer months) to compensate for the difference in air temperature upstairs? Does that "bonus room" ever warm up in the Winter months? Did you ever wish that you can just turn off a specific region of the home as it is seldom used?

We can help with all of these mentioned scenerios.

The Tin Manspecializes in forced air zoning. We have taken single zone homes (one with one furnace and one air conditioner) and reconfigured that single system into 2,3, 4, even 5 discreet zones of cooling and/or heating. We can almost double the airflow in many instances. This makes it very possible to properly condition those really distant rooms.

With the ever rising cost of fuel oil, propane, and gas, it makes perfectly good sense touse the heat where it is needed only and not to waste it on rooms which do not need it.

We have made many families very happy with our work in this area. We will be more than happy to share the references. Some have told us that this has actually improved their "quality of life" as their bodies would constantly have to adjust to temperature changes of 4 degrees between rooms.

If you would like to call and talk to us to discuss the possibilities, or for more information, please call (908) 797-8815. Also you can check out our website:

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