Looking for Extra Christmas Cash! Help a Friend and Help Yourself

People often wonder why a business involved in installing HVAC systems, humidifiers, electronic air filters or the service and maintanence of an air conditioner or furnace would be called "The Tin Man." For those involved in this industry, they know the air ducting is a key component of the efficiency of the system, the even heating/cooling of a home and the air quality of the life of your home. Today, most HVAC businesses, will install standard, pre-made ducting (not to fit your home or improve the efficiency), but because it is easy, standard and even if they have to sell you extra supplies to complete your install, it makes the whole job easier.

The Tin Man is Dennis Kager. Dennis is the owner of The Tin Man, LLC and is one of only a few individuals who learned the craft of creating custom duct work. He is often hired by other competitors because there is nothing he cannot accomplish in terms of creating a custom piece to work in a kitchen, laundry room, family room or for an entire house. He has his own craft shop where he personally calculates the most efficient way to run the ducting in your attic or basement so you breathe the cleanest air possible and achieve the highest efficiency with your systems. He is not just your average HVAC guy who took a test on the Internet and received his license. Dennis attended college for two years to deliver the highest quality in design and efficiency because he is passionate about delivering a system that will deliver the purest air for your family's health, a system that will last because he takes care and time in installing each and every system, he takes great pride in his installations and listens carefully to the homeowners or businesowners FIRST and then he takes multiple measurements to make sure he sells you the system that is perfect for your home, not just the one he has on his truck for the day or the one his company is getting the best deal on from the vendor. He custom measures each house or building, takes all of his measurements and runs them through several calculations, adding in how many people live in the home, how many windows, which way does the house face and a multitude of other factors many vendors skip because it is simply too much work. He is a craftsman who takes pride in his work and will create custom duct work (sheet metal, a.k.a. tin) to increase the efficiency of your system without charging you extra. It's all part of the pride he takes in his passion to craft and install the perfect system for your home. So, the extra Christmas cash? We didn't forget about it. If you know someone who needs a new furnace, air conditioner or would like to give a humidifier, electronic air filter, or zoning of a house, recommend "The Tin Man" and if your referral purchases a system in December and places a down payment for installation in January, you will receive a $50, $100 or $250 Visa gift card depending on the order.

You can't go wrong recommending "The Tin Man" He delivers service with a HEART! and treats your home as his own. His passion shows in everything he does from the pain staking calculations he takes that most installers will skip, to questioning you about the activities, members of the family, needs of the home, to the custom duct work he can create to make your system more efficient, he is the best. His HEART has been ticking with the passion of providing you quality air service for 25 years and counting. Give the gift of clean, healthy air to the one you love. It's a gift that will last a lifetime and can extend a lifetime. Call him and ask him about the extra steps he takes to make sure if you have allergies, everthing is sealed to minimize dust entering your system and the filters he can put on your system to further reduce allergens. He can be found at (908) 797-8815 or atwww.tinmanhc.com. Happy Holidays!

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