The Flu, Asthma, and ways to take advantage of programs while improving your quality of life

Most homes with central heating and air conditioning do not have a very good air filtering arrangement. In the Winter and Summer months the windows and doors stay mainly shut and we breathe in recirculated air.

Once one person gets sick in a household, all the germs spread like wildfire as the air ducting disperses it through the air.

Most likely, more than one family member goes down with a bug. If you have children, you know how it is when these kids come home with the sniffles.

With this polluted and sick air being recirculated constantly (around the clock), we can clean it up and remove airborn bacteria, mold spores, very small particles of dust, etc.....

High eficiency air filters, hepa filters, electronic air cleaners, ultraviolet light systems are all methods in improving our indoor air quality. These are all duct mounted and handle the full heating and air conditioning system.

It was recently brought to my attention that the installation of some of these, can be claimed on your income taxes.

Read the following section. YOU MAY BE ELIGIBLE TO CLAIM THIS

Have You Been Diagnosed with Breathing Problems?

Are you aware that you may be eligible for a tax deduction because of your medical condition? A Doctor can prescribe indoor air quality products a new HVAC System and maintenance services for your medical condition(s), which can make them tax deductible. Here is a copy of the tax law and we can provide a prescription letter for your Doctor. Talk it over with your tax consultant, insurance agent and physician. Some of our customers are able to write of the entire cost, plus operation and maintenance of their systems. Others aren't able to take full advantage of the deduction. It is certainly worth the research! We hope this will be of a great benefit to you.

Here is some of the wording out of publication 502, entitled -SPECIAL MEDICAL EQUIPMENT. "Certain diseases or ailments may require you to purchase special medical equipment to modify your home to accommodate the special medical condition."

"You may deduct, as a medical expense on Schedule A, the full cost of equipment that is essential for a medical purpose if it does not increase the value of the property. The cost of operating and maintaining medically necessary home improvements or equipment is deductible even if the original cost is not."

"The cost of permanent improvements that increase the value of the property may be partly included as a medical expense. This cost is reduced by the increase in the value of the property. The difference is a medical expense."

For example, if you installed a comfort / health system due to asthma related condition. The system cost might be $9,000 and increase the value of your home by $5,000, you could deduct $4,000, the amount the cost exceeds the increased value of the home.

About the only time this comes into play is when you install a complete system, including ductwork in older homes. If you already have a ducted system, a new furnace, air conditioner, air purifier, or humidifier will probably not increase the property value. This may vary depending on your location. The nice thing about new equipment is that it makes the property more desirable on the real estate market, because of warranties and lower utility bills.

Probably the biggest benefits of the tax law, over time, are the deductions of operating expenses. People on Social Security and fixed incomes can greatly benefit from this.

Do check with your tax advisor before committing.

If you are interested in any of these air treatments please call us. We specialize in indoor air quality.

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