Furnace maintenance isn't over

Furnace maintenance isn't over

If you haven't done any maintenance on your heating system this Winter, it's not too late. Just this morning we went out on a "no heat" call. The home was at 53 degrees by the time we received the call. On a Friday, it is questionable sometimes whether a specific part (component) can be obtained before the weekend. Most suppliers are closed on Saturdays. We were fortunate enough to have the correct part on hand and took care of the problem immediately. This client chose not to have her furnace serviced and/or inspected in the Fall. The failed part would have definitely been replaced during a routine service as it was extremely in bad condition. This story had a good ending, but it didn't. Have you had your furnace serviced for this Winter? We still have some time left of cold weather.

If you are interested please contact us:

Dennis (908) 797-8815


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