Air Conditioning

Heating and Cooling Services

We install central air conditioning systems. Whether you have an oil or gas warm air system, or you have a hot water heating system, we can help you.

On the warm air systems we can install or retrofit a newer and more efficient system above your existing furnace.

Should you have hot water heat, we are more than capable of designing, fabricating, and installing all of the necessary ducting which will help you keep cool in the Summer.

For those of you who are unaware, the air conditioning industry has changed over towards an environmentally friendly (green) refrigerant within the past couple of years. It is called refrigerant 410a. This takes the place of the ozone depleting systems which use the refrigerant R-22.

Repairs can be performed and refrigerant is available for these R-22 systems, but they have met their obsolescence.

Complete conversions are necessary for those R-22 systems to be upgraded to the current standard. If you can remember back to the mid 90s, there was all this automobile conversion talk happening as that industry was converting from the Freon based refrigerant to the newer R134a. It's all very similar, just a different industry.

It is imperative that these newer systems are installed tightly to manufacturer's guidelines. Many companies send “less than properly trained” installers to “slap” an air conditioner in. The truth is that many specialized tools are necessary for the proper installation of these systems. Furthermore, many HVAC companies will not allow the necessary time for installation (using the special tools that they don't have) and the consumer…..YOU become shortchanged as the system dies in 5 years. We do everything by the book and follow all of the rules. You will never get shortchanged with us!

So, whatever your need, we can keep you cool and comfortable all Summer long.

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