Custom Ductwork

heating, cooling, duct workThe Tin Man can fabricate virtually anything that needs to be made.

We do help out many other local contractors who rely on us to assist them by providing the necessary custom duct fittings which are necessary for them to perform their work.

Our work stands out from all others. As 99% “wing it” or “fudge it”, we are very much different. We are more like a tailor. Much of what we make is custom for your home and nobody elses. It will fit like a glove, and work like a charm.

We always believe that ductwork is a very important part of your home. Most heating and cooling systems will have a life expectancy of approximately 15 years, but the ductwork will be virtually forever.

At times we have been known to have “custom projects” placed in our lap. The little old lady with a liner for her pie safe, or the older gentlemen who needs a garden cart rebuilt/repaired.

The nice thing about the little projects like that is that I am the only one who will give them the time of day and the old folks are all gems to me. It is really important to them, so I make it important to me as I help them along with their journey. I love their stories too!

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