High Velocity Mini Duct A/C

There are many ways to cool a home or business. Another available option is a High Velocity Mini Duct System.

A high velocity mini duct system is something which becomes the remedy of a situation where space very limited to install the ducting. We choose to use The Unico System.

This is solely a specialized air distribution system which can be matched with any air conditioning manufacturer.

We have been installing Unico Systems since 2002 and honestly have had NO problem with them at all. Again, we follow all of the applicable design rules.

The system itself does remove more moisture than a conventional duct system. It also is something which is recognized by Historical Societies for extremely old homes. We have personally have installed these systems in homes over 200 years of age.

There are a wide variety of air outlet termination configurations whether they be round, slotted, plastic, or wood.

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