Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

heating, cooling, duct workIndoor air quality is something most important to us. All of us are positioned within an environment which we cannot change.

For instance, if you or one of your loved ones becomes ill, germs become airborne. Where do they go? Well, they wind up going into your ductwork (into your return/recirculating vents). From this point they get to your furnace or fan (air conditioning system) and become distributed ALL OVER your home. Then, everyone in the dwelling stands a greater chance of becoming ill.

Furthermore, if we are in the Summer or Winter, there is a very good chance your windows will be closed. This makes matters worse.

Besides germs, there are other things to really consider.

How about Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC)? Many things emit gases. Furniture, rugs, drapes, toys, plastics. All of these things do emit nasty gases. We cannot see them. It’s a known fact that formaldehyde is present in many carpets and building materials. Again, with the windows closed it makes us sicker.

Many homes are dry. People awake with cottonmouth. This doesn’t feel good.

Add all of these types of things up and basically it taxes your Quality Of Life.

We do offer several treatments which can improve your life.

Humidifiers. These are for forced-air systems and can greatly improve your air and keep your breathing moist.

High Efficiency Air Cleaners. Whether it be an electronic air cleaner or a hepa filter, it will greatly improve your respiratory system as well as keeping airborne dust down.

Ultraviolet Light Systems. These are duct mounted and are designed to kill airborne bacteria which pass across the lights. These are very effective.

Zoning. We offer to help you keep better temperature balance between areas of your home. Your body goes into thermal trauma when traveling through a home with a temperature disparity of 3 degrees or more.

Whole House Air Exchangers. These systems bring in outside air (which is known to be much more clean than inside air), and introduce it to the air in the home with efficiently recovering any heat gain or loss to the outdoors.

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