Maintenance Agreements

We offer maintenance agreements for heating systems, cooling systems, and general departments such as filter changes/cleanings, humidifiers, UV lights, etc…..

It is very important to maintain your heating and cooling system. There are many things that happen in the off-season which the ordinary person wouldn’t know of. We will share them with you.

Off Season Heating: You can see (all created from dust) , failed hot surface ignitors, flame sensors, clogged burner orifices. Then you have the vent pipe which can be blocked with bees, birds, squirrels. High efficiency furnaces may have clogged drain issues which will prevent operation. Many units we have serviced this year were loaded with stinkbugs (in the intake).

Off Season Cooling: Basically we are looking for blocked condensate drain lines, contactor operation (generally riddled with spider webs and stinkbugs), bad capacitors, low charge (refrigerant leak),mice gnawing wires and making nests in the unit.

Many people don’t even check their filters, or the batteries in their thermostat (doesn’t matter what season).

The point is that there are many things that can happen and it is definitely best to have it all checked out before you need to use it.

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