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Dried up crusty boogers in your nose

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Ok.  How many of you have forced air heat?  Ok.  How many have noticed being excessively dry in the morning.  This means dry nose, sinus problems, static electricity in the home?  Now how many of you have a very good whole house humidification system?

We here atThe Tin Man, do specialize in the field of "Indoor Air Quality".  Humidification is just one method of improving the quality of air that we breathe in,  24/7 while indoors.

These systems are duct mounted and some of them are drainless (which solves many problems which exist in newer homes).

If you have any questions on the subject, or would like to improve your indoor air quality, please contact us.

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Mice in your ductwork can affect your health

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Mice carry many diseases which can be transmitted directly through direct contact or be airborne.

Mouse dropping in your airstream

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We have no real idea what is in our ductwork as we breathe all the air which comes from it.

Mouse droppings in your ductwork can affect your health

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There are many diseases which you can get from mouse pee and poop whether they be transmitted by touch or through the air.

The Unico System®

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